Being a 99.9% pure compound there are many different ways of using Wolfblood oil advanced oil modifier. Having one of the slipperiest substances in the world is great, but also has a drawback – getting it to stick where it is needed. Fortunately, under the right circumstances, Wolfblood adheres to many materials in a very thin, durable, protective layer. Here we look at the principle techniques to do this:

As an engine or gearbox oil additive

As a oil or grease modifier

Burnishing onto parts

Dry blasting onto parts

Using with two stroke engines

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Being an inert compound Wolfblood is classified as non hazardous in normal usage. However, due to the particle size Wolfblood can be irritating to lungs, skin, and eyes. Accordingly always wear gloves and take precautions against breathing it in or getting in eyes. If in doubt use a N95 or better face mask (they are very affordable) and eye protection. We recommend nitrile gloves as they will prevent skin contact this is not only safer but saves time cleaning up. Download and read the material safety data sheet. This should be kept available in a health and safety technical file when using in a Wolfblood in a business setting, so all users can refer to it quickly and easily.

Material Safety Data sheet download here

To clean up, the most effective method is using soap, water and a microfibre cloth. Rinse the cloth frequently. Wolfblood can also be vacuumed, but as the particle size is so small make sure the filter is extra fine. Take care when cleaning up as surfaces with Wolfblood on them -they will be very slippery indeed!

Wolfblood is not environmentally damaging but is also not biodegradable. Packaging and unused product should be disposed of responsibly according to local regulations and recycled where possible. However, waste motor oil is ecologically damaging should only ever be disposed of in a careful manner, again according to local regulations. Spilt oil that has been treated with Wolfblood should be cleaned up using suitable absorbent media.

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