Using Wolfblood as an additive for oil or grease is an easy way of getting it to wherever it is needed most. This is especially useful when rebuilding engines or other machines. Simply mix Wolfblood with whatever oil or grease you are using. The modified lubricant may be rubbed into the part to help Wolfblood get into contact with the surface. Wolfblood fortifies all kinds of lubricants imparting exceptional low friction characteristics and high durability.


Please always wear gloves when handling Wolfblood, it is very messy! Wear a mask, rated to N95 or better, and eye protection to prevent inhaling or getting it in your eyes. Although Wolfblood is non-toxic it can be an irritant due to the particle size. Check the Material Data Safety Sheet.

Clean up is best done with a damp to wet microfibre cloth, soap and water.


Wolfblood is typically used at the rate of 5g per litre as an engine oil additive and we recommend sticking with this ratio when building a car engine for example. However higher ratios can be useful. For example when rebuilding a two stroke a ratio of 10g per litre mixed with two stroke oil is our preferred mix on crank bearings, gudgeon pins and piston rings. Our tube of Wolfblood is 25g – enough to mix with a standard 5l bottle of engine oil. Remember to mix well before use and continue to do so as Wolfblood is very dense and will drop out of suspension – especially in thinner oils. Order directly via Paypal, Ebay or via Amazon UK using these links:

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Wolfblood mixes with all types of oil and grease including mineral oils, synthetic oils such as poly alpha olefins, esters and even silicone oils. Wolfblood can easily handing extreme pressure and high temperature conditions.

With greases higher mixes can be used, 15g or even 25g per kilo of grease. Wolfblood can even be used on it’s own as an extreme condition dry lubricant. So essentially grease can just be used as a waterproofer and adherent for the Wolfblood. There are too many potential applications and conditions to cover here. Start with a conservative mix ratio and work up.

Click here for more information on the science of Wolfblood Racing advanced engine oil modifier.

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