Wolfblood Racing advanced engine oil modifier is great for rebuilding 2 stroke engines as it will help protect components. Mix with 2 stroke oil and rubbing into crank bearings, piston rings, piston skirt and bore. There is more info on this technique here.


Please always wear gloves when handling Wolfblood – it can be very messy. If needed wear a mask, rated to N95 or better, and eye protection to prevent inhaling or getting it in your eyes. Although Wolfblood is non-toxic it can be an irritant due to the particle size. Check the Material Data Safety Sheet.

Clean up is best done with a damp to wet microfibre cloth, soap and water.


Generally we would not suggest using with dosed 2 stroke systems as Wolfblood is very dense and so may settle to the bottom of the tank. This leads to too high a percent mix. If you are racing and using premix then a few tanks with 5g Wolfblood per litre of two stroke is recommended. But mix well just before use and do not let stand.

As two stroke engines do not have a “wet crank'” their big end and little end bearings, crank bearings and pistons run with just the small amount of two stroke oil lubrication that is mixed with the fuel. Getting Wolfblood into these areas provides lasting protection especially useful on highly tuned motors.

Wolfblood is also great for chains and gearboxes (but dry clutch only as it will effect friction materials) again 5g per litre mix with oil for gearboxes up to 7g per litre for racing.

Also consider dry blasting or burnishing to apply Wolfblood to parts in a two stroke engine.

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Under pressure Wolfblood will stick to metal leaving a 0.5 micron layer. Effects are cumulative and so after a few tanks of premix for example, drop the percentage down or use without Wolfblood. Then just use intermittently depending on conditions and demands. For more information on the science please click here.

Wolfblood racing advanced engine oil modifier powder two stroke engine
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