Dry blasting with Wolfblood is one of the most effective techniques for the application of a low friction coating. Used in space and motorsport applications dry blasting requires some specialist, although not especially expensive, equipment.

We offer a complete blasting service, working with specialists in the field they will fully prep and coat your components to industry leading specifications. For more information or for quotes contact us by email.

Blasting is one of the most effective ways of obtaining a good coating of Wolfblood on metal surface and is used in high end applications and production environments.


Blasting should only done with the right equipment and in a controlled environment. Generally blasting is done in a fully enclosed cabinet. All health and safety guidance should be followed, blasting is dangerous with multiple hazards. Only use this technique if you know what you are doing.


Because of the nature of blasting, even if coating small parts you will need a lot of WB to start. At least half a kilo even for small set up (that’s 20 tubes) you can order a 500g blast pack using the link below or from Hagen Automation here. Speak to us on info@wolfbloodracing.com to talk about even bigger quantities. However in the controlled environment of a dedicated blast cabinet with fine powder recovery system it should be possible to reuse the excess Wolfblood powder many times saving substantially on costs overall.

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To prepare the parts make sure they are very clean and degreased.

Best practice is to blast the part lightly with 0.5micron aluminium oxide powder to form a “key” on the surface. This can also be done with laser etching. Thoroughly clean and dust the part with clean lint free cloth to remove any residue.

Blast the part using Wolfblood and cold, clean, dry air at 120 psi until the part changes colour to a dark grey. Lightly dust off any excess with a clean, lint free cloth. To check the adhesion of the layer use clean transparent sticky tape. The tape should lift cleanly and leave no marks.


Again, it cannot be overstated that blasting is a specialist process and should only be undertaken by trained and experienced personnel using the proper equipment. It should be noted WB applied in this way maybe susceptible to moisture contamination that may effect the low friction coating and so parts should be lightly oiled if needed. For more on the science of Wolfblood click here.

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