Gain the advantage on the road and track. Increase efficiency and reliability with an advanced lubrication technology.

Wolfblood Racing lubricants use Wolfram (Tungsten) Disulphide WS2 – one of the most lubricious substances known to man. Developed for space, WS2 is not widely used in mass market products. Our formulations are designed for performance and use high levels of WS2 to give a significant benefits.

We have developed a range of lubricants for motor racing and cycling. Including Engine Oil modifier, Wolfram fortified Grease, Chain lube, and Wax Additive Powder.

WS2 effectively reduces friction on metal surfaces. This makes bearings spin longer, gears mesh cleaner, surfaces slide smoother and material surfaces tougher.

There can be a trade off between endurance and performance as engineering is pushed to the limit. Wolfblood are a new types of lubricant that rewrite the rules by making material changes to components. Making components smoother; allowing them to run faster with less wear. Wolfblood protects and enhances improving performance and endurance.


Looking for performance and endurance on road, track, or even beyond on cycles, e-bikes, powerboats, snowmobiles or off roading? Wolfblood makes a difference. Our additive improves performance without the need for hours of testing, advanced engineering or expensive parts.

Wolfblood lubricants are useful in classic applications as wolfblood greatly enhances the wear characteristics of older components. Likewise the latest high performance parts made to exacting tolerances are also improved. Wolfblood molecules fuse into the surface of metals leaving a 0.5 micron coating that smooths, protects and reduces friction.


Wolfblood products are available on – with fast prime delivery. Or via Ebay with free UK delivery and low cost, fast, worldwide shipping. See the links below. You can buy direct from our parent company Hagen Automation via Paypal or Invoice.

Please email us for larger orders, multiple blast packs or trade sales via Registered business customers in the EU may have their VAT zero rated. We always welcome partnership and sponsorship enquiries.


Material Safety Data Sheet Download here

Wolfblood is non-toxic and essentially chemically inert. It is part of what makes it so durable as a lubricant. WS2 is also considered environmentally inert and therefore ecologically safe. The manufacturing process of Wolfblood is beneficial as it helps to clean sulphur from polluting fuel sources. We avoid over packaging to keep our carbon footprint down. Wolfblood increases efficiency and machine reliability on both road and track.

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Wolfblood uses proven science and technology. Our active ingredient was originally developed for NASA space probes as an extreme condition, exceptionally low friction, lubricant. Far superior to graphite, teflon PTFE, or even Molybdenum based lubricants this technology has, until recently, been prohibitively expensive. Thanks to advanced manufacturing and scaled production Wolfblood Racing advanced engine oil modifier is an affordable advance in lubrication technology. Read more science.

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