Gain the advantage on the road and track. Increase power, efficiency and reliability with an advanced engine oil modifier technology. Fundamentally improve the critical aspects of your engine. Wolfblood Racing engine oil modifier is a high purity single chemical compound additive that effectively reduces friction on metal surfaces. This makes bearings spin longer, gears mesh cleaner, surfaces slide smoother and material surfaces tougher. Reduces noise, heat and losses.

When motor racing there can be a trade off between endurance and performance as engines are pushed to their limits. Wolfblood is a new type of oil additive that rewrites the rules by making material changes to components. Making components smoother; allowing them to run cooler and faster with less wear. Wolfblood protects and enhances improving performance and endurance.


Looking for performance and endurance on road, track, or even beyond in powerboats snowmobiles or off roading? Wolfblood makes a difference. Motorsports of all types often have strict rules to ensure fair play. Our additive improves performance without the need for hours of testing, advanced engineering or expensive parts.

Wolfblood additive can be safely mixed with all types of engine oil from advanced synthetics to classic mineral oil. Especially useful in classic applications as wolfblood greatly enhances the wear characteristics of older components. Likewise the latest high performance parts made to exacting tolerances are also improved.

Wolfblood Racing engine oil modifier is super refined 99.9% pure Tungsten Disulphide – one of the slipperiest substances on the planet. Being an all active ingredient it can be used in wide range of advanced applications. As an oil additive, mixed with grease and as a dry coating. Wolfblood molecules fuse into the surface of metals leaving a 0.5 micron coating that smooths, protects and reduces friction.

With an APS (Average Particle Size) of 0.6 micron Wolfblood particles are so small that they flow through oil filters. Wolfblood has a cumulative protective effect over time and lasts beyond the next oil change. Compatible with both diesel and petrol engines Wolfblood can be also added to manual gearbox oil and other drivetrain components.

Put some Wolf into the life blood of your engine and lead the pack

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Our robust tubes contain 25g of Wolfblood. Perfect for a standard 5 litre container of engine oil at the recommended 5g per litre ratio. Wolfblood is quick, safe and simple to use as an engine oil additive. Also, as a powder Wolfblood may be used to burnish or dry blast parts giving a low friction coating.

Wolfblood Racing advanced engine oil modifier may be mixed with classic mineral, semi synthetic or fully synthetic motor oils. Suitable for many cars, motorbikes, trucks, boats, snowmobiles, etc. Check out the uses page to see how best to use Wolfblood. Ideal for racing applications the Wolfblood protects components to extreme temperatures and pressures. Lower friction frees more performance from your engine and drivetrain. Lower friction means less heat, less vibration and less noise. By increasing efficiency kinetic energy is preserved and delivered where it is wanted – performance, power, speed.


Buy 25g pit lane ready tubes or great value 500g blasting pack via Paypal using the links below. You can pay with all major cards or your Paypal balance and in most currencies. All Paypal orders have free shipping. Wolfblood is also available on – with fast prime delivery. Or via Ebay with free UK delivery and low cost, fast, worldwide shipping. See the links below. You can buy direct from our parent company Hagen Automation via Paypal or Invoice.


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Please email us for larger orders, multiple blast packs or trade sales via Registered business customers in the EU may have their VAT zero rated. We always welcome partnership and sponsorship enquiries.

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Material Safety Data Sheet Download here

Wolfblood additive is non-toxic and essentially chemically inert. It is part of what makes it so durable as a lubricant. However, the sub micron particle size has the potential to irritate skin, eyes and lungs. Also, as a fine powder it can certainly make a mess. Always wear gloves when handling and take care not to inhale. Wolfblood is also considered environmentally inert and therefore ecologically safe. The manufacturing process of Wolfblood is beneficial as it helps to clean sulphur from polluting fuel sources. We avoid over packaging to keep our carbon footprint down. Wolfblood increases fuel efficiency and machine reliability on both road and track.

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Wolfblood uses proven science and technology. Our active ingredient was originally developed for NASA space probes as an extreme condition, exceptionally low friction, lubricant. Far superior to graphite, teflon PTFE, or even Molybdenum based lubricants this technology has, until recently, been prohibitively expensive. Thanks to advanced manufacturing and scaled production Wolfblood Racing advanced engine oil modifier is an affordable advance in lubrication technology. Read more science.

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