We take our name from Wolfram, which is is another name for Tungsten – the key element in Wolfblood racing additive. Also wolves are native to Canada, the location of the lab that makes our oil additive.

Blood because oil is the life blood circulating through an engine. Adding Wolfblood Racing advanced additive enhances the performance of your oil.

Racing is because that is what Wolfblood oil modifier is for – high intensity applications where maximum performance is all. We have spent long nights rebuilding engines in the paddock desperate to be ready for scruitineering and another days racing. We know that you need every (legal!) advantage you can get on the track. Wolfblood Racing advanced oil modifier reduces friction – gaining performance and reliability, reducing running temperatures and lap times. An engine protected with Wolfblood gives you the confidence to push that bit harder at the ragged edge of performance.

Put some Wolf into the life blood of your engine and lead the pack


You can buy directly from Hagen Automation with Paypal – either 25g tubes or a 500g pack for dry blasting.

wolfblood racing oil additive 25g tubes link to buy with paypal free shipping
Tungsten Disulphide dry blasting pack wolfblood buy it now paypal

Wolfblood is available through Amazon marketplaces with fast Amazon Prime delivery

We also sell via Hagen Automation Ltd on Ebay.co.uk and ship worldwide.

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For bulk orders please contact us on info@wolfbloodracing.com


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Wolfblood Racing is a brand of Hagen Automation Ltd a UK based company that specialise in industrial automation and robotics. From our experience developing advanced robotics systems we developed our own range of lubricants for robots and 3D printers. Industrial robots have some of the highest precision gearboxes and drive trains ever developed with accuracies measured in single arc minutes and microns. We started to use WS2, Tungsten Disulphide, as an additive for extreme performance lubrication applications. We quickly recognised that WS2 may also be used as a very high specification engine oil additive. Motor racing has long been a passion for us so Wolfblood Racing was a natural extension of our experience and expertise.

UK Company Number 09894246 VAT reg GB 22951883

Registered Office Address: Greybern House, Templars Way, Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, MK44 1PY

Hagen Automation are a UK based technology development company specialising in industrial robotic automation and applied sciences.

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